eChinaChem introduction

eChinaChem is the leading integrated Chinese media for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and life science industries. The bilingual website is the top Chinese chemical and pharmaceutical industry portal. 360Guanxi is focused on building up contents and knowledge in product-level communities or micro-portals, in addition to standard LinkedIn style personal network development functions. 360Guanxi links members in micro-verticals to build relationships with other members in the same or closely related business communities; meets members's networking, recruitment, corporate and self promotion and branding needs; and provides user-generated and machine-harvested news, blogs, industry data, market research, and analysis in curated portals for each micro-vertical.

The "ChinaChem Buyer's Guide" directories provide verified Chinese supplier information for international buyers. The company organizes international conferences and events for Chinese and global executives. It also provides consulting and professional services for global companies to analyze and capture opportunities in China.